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Your host and guide

María Elena Dendaluce is the founder and owner of Equiberia – Equitravel, Ltd. María Elena decided to change her job in marketing with an American multinational for her passion for horses and travel. She is fluent in English and French and loves painting too. Before she decided to start this “life adventure”, she participated in riding tours in different parts of the world: France, Tunisia, Argentina, USA, Australia, Botswana... She is a terrific travel companion and knows the customs, natural history and the culture of the regions, what really brings you into the adventure, and helps you reach a unique level of participation.

Equiberia is based in Navarredonda de Gredos, in the Northern slopes of magnificent Sierra de Gredos, in Ávila, in the heart of Castile. Equiberia has its own stables, at the boundaries of the Gredos Nature Park. It is a wild area, very little populated, and the local economy is based on breeding free range cattle. It is a great territory for riding with easy free access to great vast areas of common land and ancient bridle paths. In Gredos, riding a horse is just the natural way to discover this immense land, its great landscapes and its remote medieval villages.

Equiberia team

Jaime, from Navarredonda de Gredos, has been helping with the horses for many years. He has his own horses, that he breeds and trains himself. In 2012 he became more involved in the work in the stables, the exercising of the horses and the support of the rides, and he loves it. His attention to the detail and his disposition are outstanding. He speaks very good Spanish, obviously, and he is taking English lessons and practices, but he is so friendly that communication is never a problem with Jaime. Hopefully he will be with Equiberia for many more years, as he will never leave Gredos!

Amanda, originally from the North of England joined the team in 2017. She is a British Horse Society Coach in Complete Horsemanship and worked freelance in the UK, both riding and teaching. Amanda loves the variety that working with horses brings and especially enjoy starting young horses and improving more established ones. She loves to accompany the rides and spend time getting to know the people who come and share this beautiful part of the world with us. But she is also value time spent working with the horses at home.

Cathrine, from Norway, is the newest one in the Equiberia team and started working with María Elena in 2018. Her background is from real estate, but she has always been passionate about horses and grew up with trotters. María Elena and Cathrine are working very close together, both with the business part of Equiberia and on the horseback with the groups. She loves the combination of horses and business, traveling, living close to beautiful nature, and meeting new, interesting people from all over the world.

Equiberia partners

Maria Elena organises three rides in other areas of Spain in collaboration with local partners. She accompanies these rides herself and guarantees the standards are up to any previous Equiberia rides.

The rides in Segovia, which started in 2011, will be led by Enrique, owner and trainer of the horses in Segovia. He is an excellent horseman, with a show-jumping and cross-country background, trainer of show-jumping horses and a riding instructor. He is passionate about Segovia, the nature and the history of the region.

The rides in Menorca, which started in 2011, will be led by Toni, owner and trainer of the horses in Menorca. He breeds his own horses and he is an expert horseman who has explored many trails in Menorca He comes from a traditional Menorquín family and he is deeply in love with his island.

The rides in Sevilla, which re-started in 2012 (Alfonso and María Elena were already partners in 1997), will be led by Alfonso, owner and trainer of the horses in Sevilla. He is a great horseman, passionate and knowledgeable about the horses, the diverse equestrian disciplines and about the Andalusian traditions and countryside. He is an expert in Andalusian dressage or Doma Vaquera and, at present, he is competing in TREC.

Equiberia stables

Equiberia stables

Equiberia - Napo leading the canter

Napo leading the canter

Equiberia - Tarpan, the guardian of the stables

Tarpan, the guardian of the stables

Equiberia - The magic White Van!

The magic White Van!

Equiberia - María Elena

María Elena

Equiberia - Jaime


Equiberia - Amanda


Equiberia - Cathrine


Equiberia - Enrique, Segovia ride

Enrique, Segovia ride

Equiberia - Toni, Menorca ride

Toni, Menorca ride

Equiberia - Alfonso, Sevilla ride

Alfonso, Sevilla ride

“Thank you for all the effort you have put to organise this ride. It was amazing to see the valleys and the villages... It would be difficult to see these without the horses. I’ve been very lucky to benefit from your dedication and imagination.” A.L., USA

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