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Food & Wine

The cuisine of the different regions is excellent and much consideration is taken when planning the meals to provide visitors with a sampling of the many different delicious specialities.

Everyday there is an aperitif stop, mid-morning, which includes some of the following: Iberico ham, chorizo and saucisson, a sample of cheeses produced in the region: fresh and cured goat cheese, manchego cheese, sheep cheese in olive oil... and a variety of olives. You will always be offered a cold young sherry "manzanilla" with the aperitif (other drinks are available too). Picnic lunches are a feast, some cooked on the spot, like the barbecue of famous Avilian free-range beef; other days, you will have some pre-cooked food like lamb or vegetable stews. Everyday there is a rich variety of salads and tasty tomatoes, and fruit of the season as dessert (strawberries, melon, cherries, grapes, and other). For the picnic lunches tables are laid and food is served.

Breakfast and dinner are provided by the hotels were you'll stay. Again the menus have been chosen carefully to offer a rich variety. Spanish excellent fish is an option at dinner too. Vegetarians can be accommodated with advance notification.

Wines include red & whites. Reds: during the meals, it is offered a selection of the local Castilla y León, Ribera del Duero, La Mancha and Rioja, reserva, crianza and cosecha wines. Whites: a selection of Rueda white wines and sparkling white wine from Penedes with the seafood paella. Other drinks: such as manzanilla (sherry), beer, soft drinks, fruit juices and, of course, water are always available.

All the aperitif and lunch spots have been carefully selected for best views and scenery, while you enjoy the aperitifs and the meals, always surrounded by the horses at rest.

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“That was the most wonderful ride. How we all enjoyed it!!!!!!! You took care of every little detail so we didn't worry about a thing. The horses were well trained and very capable of doing their job safely and efficiently. Their tack was in excellent condition. Everything about your stable showed how much you care about the riders and the horses. Meals were fantastic. You made it fun, we appreciated all your cooking and generosity with food and wine. It was such a good time plus we got in lots of riding over different kinds of terrain, through quaintvillages, along picturesque streams and rivers, through pastures and forests. I loved riding in sight of so many mares and foals. What beautiful horses they all were! I could go on and on about how wonderful it all was and have been regaling family and friends with stories ever since I came home. We had such a good time, we are planning on coming again in a couple of years and will try to bring more with us. Thank you so very much for the experience of a lifetime”.
Claire, USA

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