Equiberia - Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism

Equiberia aims to provide real travel experiences that also minimize negative impacts on the environment and increase the positive ones on local people.

Some facts about Equiberia

o We are active members of the permanent forum of the Gredos Nature Park. This means we are involved in the conservation project and in the development of responsible and sustainable projects – such as rural tourism. The Gredos Park has applied is a member of the Europarc federation and local companies will be able to join the European Charter for sustainable tourism in protected areas.

o As a company we have the authorisation of the Gredos Park to organise our rides in the park. To get this authorisation your company needs to respect the environment and contribute to its preservation.

o We are active members of other associations which are meaningful for the development of sustainable tourism and the preservation of natural and the local life.(See below)

o We support the local economy with our rides as much as we can: All our suppliers are local

Local tack shop
Local suppliers for the feeding for the horses
Local products for the “feeding” of the humans- for our picnics, tapas, etc.
Local suppliers for hay and pastures
Our horses have been bred and bought locally
Local hotels
We stay at the National Parador which is state owned and employs at lest 50 people from the village, as it is their policy to support the local economy.
All the other hotels are run directly by locals.
Local bars and shops
The picnics are prepared with food bought locally or prepared by the local bars of the villages we ride through.

o Our support vehicle is regularly checked for emissions. But our rides do hardly require transport of the guests, as we usually ride to the hotels where riders and horses stay, and our vehicle only does the strictly necessary kilometres to support the ride.

o We minimize the waste in our rides. Picnics with crockery and cutlery, and glasses, no plastic; proper table cloth; we recycle all that can be recycled; we use the horse feeding empty bags for the rubbish... These are small things but they count.

These are the things we have been doing, with the philosophy, since we started, to be responsible and through the years we been very careful about every detail. This is a very unspoilt part of the world and hopefully it will remain like that.

Charity horse rides

Equiberia is willing to collaborate with the organisation of Riding Holidays to support initiatives to raise money for significant causes. Please get in touch with us if you are part of an organisation or foundation who would like to organise such an event ride. Thank you.

Equiberia is an active member of

Equiberia - Gredos Nature Reserve

Gredos Nature Reserve

CETS (Carta Europea de Turismo Sostenible)

EUROPARC European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

Equiberia Andalucia - Doñana Nature Reserve

Doñana Nature Reserve – Equiberia Andalucia

CETS (Carta Europea de Turismo Sostenible)

EUROPARC European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

Equiberia - Asenorg


Local association for sustainable tourism development

Asociación Gredos Norte

Equiberia - ATACYL


Regional Association for the Activity Tourism

Asociación de Turismo Activo de Castilla y León

Equiberia - Trashumancia y Naturaleza

Trashumancia y Naturaleza

Transhumance and Nature

Association for the preservation of the transhumance
and the drovers’ paths network

Equiberia - Equestrian Federation of Castilla y Leon

Equestrian Federation of Castilla y León

Regional Equestrian Sports Federation for the fair

and safe practice of the equitation

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