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2020 The Rides Overview

This year 2020 we offer 5 different Weeklong Riding Holidays and our Long weekend programmes.

Equiberia home riding tours are in the Sierra de Gredos, in the province of Avila, in the region of Castilla y Leon, which comprises the old kingdoms of Castile and Leon.

"The Valleys of Gredos " Week ride

"Sierra de Gredos Summer ride " Week ride

"Gredos Escapes " Weekend programmes

The meeting point for all these rides is Madrid.
This region offers a rich variety of landscapes, wild nature, mountains ranges, pristine rivers, rural life and medieval villages. It is one of the less populated parts of Spain, traditionally a cattle farming area, with open land and many trails where one can ride free. Riding a horse in Gredos is just the natural way of discovering the hidden treasures of inland Spain.

If you haven’t ridden with us before, we recommend any of these rides in Gredos, our home. We consider these rides the best introduction to the Equiberia riding holidays.

In 2015 we propose week rides in three other regions of Spain, with our partners, and accompanied by Maria Elena.

Segovia - Castile
"Segovia: History at a canter" Week ride
"Segovia and Gredos ride" Week ride

Menorca - Balearic Islands
"Unknown views of Menorca" Week ride

Seville - Andalusia
" Sevilla Trails of Andalusia" Week ride
" A Taste of Sevilla" Week ride

We plan to explore different areas of Spain, to share with you the less known and best preserved sites of this beautiful country... on horseback. Hope you decide to join us in these new adventures: There is still a Spain to discover.

2020 The Rides

Weeklong Riding Holidays

The Valleys of Gredos

Avila – Castile

7 nights – 6 days riding
Meeting point: Madrid

Magnificent landscapes and remote
rural villages in the Gredos, one of the
best kept secrets of Spain.

Sierra de Gredos Summer

Avila – Castile

7 nights – 5 days riding - 1 day in Avila
Meeting point: Madrid

Very pleasant temperatures at the
1500m alpine valleys and invigorating
swims in the pristine rivers.

Sevilla: Trails of Andalusia

Sevilla & Huelva – Andalusia

7 nights – 6 days riding
March – April – October – November
Meeting point: Sevilla

The cradle of the Andalusian horse, a
land of deeply rooted traditions, the
horses and the bulls, the pilgrimage to El Rocío and Doñana.

Segovia: History at a canter

Segovia – Castilla y León

7 nights – 6 days riding
March – April – May – September – October
Meeting point: Madrid

Castles, Romanesque churches,
Royal sites and the open Castilian
countryside, ideal for trots and canters

Unknown views of Menorca

Menorca - Balearic Islands

6 nights – 5 days riding
May – October
Meeting point: Menorca

The unspoilt landscapes of coastal
Menorca with breathtaking views of the
Mediterranean sea.

Long Weekend Programmers

Gredos Escapes

Avila – Castile

3/4 nights – 2/3 days riding
Set dates and tailor-made upon request
Meeting point: Madrid

A great horse riding escape in the
Gredos mountains and valleys, just
two hours from Madrid.

A Taste of Sevilla

Sevilla – Andalusia

3/4 nights – 2/3 days riding
Set dates and tailor-made upon request
Meeting point: Seville

An ideal winter sunshine break
to discover the Aljarafe of Sevilla,
its rich nature and traditions.

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