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The Horses

"The Andalusian horse is
spirited, strong, temperamental and
of unquestionable courage.
The counterpoint of these qualities is
his docility, being a very sensitive horse,
obedient, and easy to handle.
The Andalusian horse possesses,
through inheritance, a measured and
balanced command of his movements
and he is a delight to ride".

Our horses

Our horses are "professionals" of the long week rides. We only dedicate our horses to this work, as we love the horses and the nature. We firmly believe that they enjoy the rides, despite all the hard work, and, the fact that only fairly experienced riders join our rides, keeps them lively, willing and sensitive.

The best compliment for us is when you praise the quality of our horses. They are excellent Hispano-Arab, Andalusian, Lusitano and Arab horses, about 15-16hh. Very well trained, sure-footed, good-natured, well behaved, fit and fun to ride. We take great pride in our ability to match horse and rider. They all have a basic training in dressage and will fulfil experienced riders' expectations.

Riders requirements

Our rides are geared towards the competent rider and suit those with a reasonable amount of riding experience. On all our trips you will be riding for about five or six hours a day and so a reasonable level of riding fitness will ensure you get the most of our holidays.

Equiberia - The Horses Pie

“Almost everyone achieved a relationship with their horse, and most of us wanted to take them home." Conde Nast Traveller

"Thank you for giving us all such a lovely view of Gredos. Beautifully behaved horses - I want to take mine home!" PN, UK

"Thank you for a wonderful week. I never expected such a super horse, scenery, food and company. Superb!" DU, UK

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