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    Segovia History at a canter

    Segovia – Castilla y León | 8 days – 7 nights- 6 days riding | From 3100€


    8 days – 7 nights- 6 days riding

    Segovia – Castilla y León | From 3100€



    The heart of Castile

    What makes this ride unique is the exceptional combination of remarkable historic sites, accessible on horseback, with the open and unspoilt Castilian countryside, ideal for riding, with some exhilarating canters and gallops. Historic Royal sites, castles, Romanesque churches, and diverse landscapes from the slopes of the mountains to the vast fields of the Meseta, the central plateau of Spain. The Segovia ride is a journey back in history, through open landscapes, ancient woods, and river valleys.


    The monumental aqueduct of Segovia, the grand Baroque Palace of La Granja Royal Site and Gardens, and the medieval hidden jewels: the city of Pedraza and the remote Monastery of San Frutos


    The magnificent Duraton river canyon, the biggest reserve in Europe of the magnificent Griffon vultures, the ancient Juniper tree forests, and the hidden San Juan river valley


    The roast lamb and the roast suckling pig, the Spanish omelette at the aperitivos and the Ribera del Duero red wines


    The magnificent Roman aqueduct 1st century BC


    The wide grassy never-ending drover’s paths of Castilla. Ready, trot, CANTER!

    What our guests say

    Segovia History 1

    “We had a fabulous time. Marie Elena was her usual attentive, entertaining self. What an interesting person she is - she deserves an award! The area was fascinating and we were treated to a tour around both Segovia and La Granja de San Ildefonso by Eleanor. Such a lovely person with an infectious enthusiasm and full of fascinating facts about the towns. The horses were the most well schooled I have ever ridden and the saddles were really comfortable. Enrique was a delight - a fabulous horseman and the riding centre was wonderful. All in all a great experience and as usual it all flew by too quickly! You absolutely need to be riding fit as we definitely cantered through Segovia. It was brilliant.”


    GS (UK)

    Segovia History 2

    "Oh where to start. It was an absolutely superb ride in every way but not for the fainthearted. Certainly it was the fastest ride I have been on since Kenya in 1998……...This is a real 1st class operation. Maria Elena is absolutely wonderful as was Enrique and staff team...accommodations, food, horses, tack..organization of highly recommend this ride to the fast and furious."


    MW (USA)

    Segovia History 3

    “Long canters, varied scenery, absolute confidence in Enrique, good horses, really comfortable accommodation - I loved having a bath every evening. Terrific aperitivo and lunches en route: Well done Oleg and Lusia. Even the weather was perfect. The evening entertainments (the trip around and into Segovia, La Granja and canyon and caves) were beyond my expectation. Some may think it a pity you can’t clone Maria Elena because she is wonderful - but I was also content with her substitute, Rafa was a delight.”


    VG (UK)

    Segovia History 4

    “Another fabulous holiday with Maria Elena. We were looked after so well. There is so much attention to detail, which makes for a seamless holiday. The horses were wonderful - so well-schooled and very fit… a joy to ride. Very comfortable saddles. We stayed in some lovely places, and ate very well. Oleg’s back up was superb. The pace was great…you certainly need to be fit to keep with Enrique! Overal…. wonderful! Actually… there is too much to list - the whole holiday was a highlight!


    LP (UK)

    Segovia History 5

    “It is a beautiful place to ride. I loved our guides. They made our trip extra special. Felt very welcome by everyone. Enrique does not mess around “Ready, trot, CANTER!” will stick in all of our heads for a long time. Maria Elena, Enrique and Pablo were fantastic. Pablo is particularly hilarious. We did not go hungry. If there are any “light” eaters, this is not a trip for them.”


    JO (Netherlands)

    Segovia History 6

    “Highlights: Lucia’s Spanish omelette each day at Aperitivo! The chance to try local food specialities, including the roast lamb and suckling pig specialities, and experience the many historical / cultural aspects to the trip and the different types of accommodation. Excellent guiding by Enrique, with lots of cantering; the ground was challenging in places, but I always felt safe. Enrique managed all the timings very efficiently, and he and Olegh were very helpful with mounting up. My mare was a bit grumpy at the start of the week but we ‘came to an understanding’ and she went very well for me. There was a LOT going on, both with regard to the riding and the cultural aspects. The days are very full, so plenty of energy is required. Tuesday was a fast and long (but excellent) riding day, so it was a good idea to finish riding a little earlier on the Wednesday and visit the gorge and Hermitage (as we did and as was planned). The evening meal at the restaurant we went to in La Granja was A1. I particularly liked staying at the ‘Drover’s House’ off the Market Square in Pradena. The ‘spirits’ measures in the village bars are approximate and generous! The meals are large and the evening meal is eaten late, according to Spanish custom - I did have to ‘pace myself’ and be strict with myself as to how much I ate! Enrique took ‘group’ photos at places of interest each day during the ride, and at the end gave each of us a ‘memory stick’ with them on”.


    JL (UK)

    Segovia History 7

    “I think this ride was really well organised by all of you. We were well looked after by everyone from start to finish. I particularly appreciated that everything was included. Maria Elena did an excellent job on matching horse and rider. A very good horse stables. Look forward to next ride.”


    JML (Australia)

    Segovia History 8

    “Just to let you know this was a wonderful trip – I loved the scenery, the flowers, the old towns and churches and, most important, I had the perfect horse for me! Fantastic organisation on the part of Maria Elena and Enrique - and you. Thank you.”


    JR (UK)